Kiwk Kerb is an international network of Kerbers.

The worlds largest group of concrete landscape curbing operators!

Kwik Kerb Wheel Blocks extruded on site for Carparks.

Concrete wheel blocks are commonly used in carparks to control how far the driver can enter the parking bays. Excellent concrete wheelblocks can be installed by Kwik Kerb for this purpose. Steel pins anchor the wheel blocks to the asphalt or concrete and a special bonding adhesive also makes sure they stay put. Various profiles can be used and the profile shapes available by Kwik Kerb worldwide are on this page.

Use a stringline to get them straight like this.Well laid out and cost effective too!.
This bus depot in Canada has had Lay-back carpark curb wheelblocks installed by Kwik Kerb. This a great example of how a wheelblock job should be done. Notice the asphalt around the wheelblocks is clean. No mess!

Lane Divider profile makes an excellent wheelblock. Kwik Kerb Lane Divider has been used in this shopping center carpark to great effect. The angled upper surface of this shape is designed to so that contact from a vehicles tire exerts pressure down, not along. This makes sure that the concrete wheel block should survive the kind of treatment they are often dealt in a public carpark.

Lane Divider at a motel carpark. Kwik Kerb Lane Divider has also been used in this motel carpark in Australia. The whole of this carpark was bordered with concrete layback Carpark curb as well. Holes were drilled into the concrete car park and pins inserted before the concrete curbing was laid.

Hi Border edge used as a wheelblock. Kwik Kerb Hi Profile border edge also makes a great wheel block. This example at a commercial building in Canada shows how effective such a Kwik Kerb installation is.

Kwik Kerb® is a very versatile product. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you obtain an estimate.


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