Kiwk Kerb is an international network of Kerbers.

Kwik KerbŪ Operators are trained to provide first class curbing installations!

When a Kwik Kerb® operator starts out in the concrete landscape curbing business he is thoroughly trained in the use of his equipment. Much emphasis is placed on the finishing of the work so that Kwik Kerb's® high standards are maintained. This attention to detail with initial and on-going training of each Kwik Kerb® operator gives our customers much confidence in the final appearance of the completed work.

Kwik Kerb operators are trained at our special school each month.New Kwik Kerb® operators are here undergoing their first days training at our special school. Initially they are taught the correct mixing ratios for the concrete and first hand experience is gained in all aspects of the Kwik Kerb® process. School participant numbers are limited in size to ensure the very best training can be provided.

Enthusiastic Kwik Kerbers at training. Kwik Kerb comradeship begins at training class!. These new Kwik Kerbers are very confident on the last day of their training school. Once they return home each will have developed many skills to use on their initial practice installations. Such confidence is only attained through first hand schooling with an experienced trainer. Sometimes operators come back to our class for a refresher also.

Kwik Kerb® trains it's operators to ensure high quality and standards.


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