Kiwk Kerb is an international network of Kerbers.

Kwik Kerb leads the way with innovative new process and products.

The biggest asset a company like Kwik Kerb® can have to develop it's product, is large numbers of successful customers. Kwik Kerb® has achieved it's status as the largest concrete curbing organization of it's type in the world through constant attention to helping it's operators to succeed in their individual businesses. The regular feed-back received from more than one thousand Kwik Kerb® operators, helps to constantly fine-tune what is taught to our new starters. Many advanced processes and systems for laying concrete curb and marketing the product are developed in this way.

Kwik Kerb® and it's operators invented and pioneered the process of stamped slate impressioned concrete edging and has marketed it since 1995 as EuroStyle® slate impressioned edging. Today the system used by Kwik Kerb® operators to install this product is still producing the best concrete curbing available in the marketplace. With Kwik Kerb's® R & D and the assistance of operators worldwide this system has been refined to provide a same-day finished product of unsurpassed beauty and elegance.

After many years of development and testing, Kwik Kerb® has introduced a whole new system of finishing concrete curbing called EuroBrick. This system makes all other current methods obsolete as it provides a faster and more consistent finish to the curbing. It is Kwik Kerb's thorough field testing prior to launching a new product, which ensures you will be provided with a landscape curbing product that lives up to it's reputation. As Kwik Kerb® operators guarantee customer satisfaction, this is a vital component of Kwik Kerb® philosophy. Such development puts Kwik Kerb® many years ahead of the competition as they endeavor to copy the Kwik Kerb® processes.

Other new products are also in development as Kwik Kerb® enters the new millenium. One such product called Lumicrete® is a "Glow in the Dark" coating which can be applied to concrete curbing to make the curb light up during the night without electricity or labor intensive wiring. Lumicrete will be released to Kwik Kerb operators exclusively for application to concrete curbs and can be applied in a variety of colors. It is a patented and very exciting invention from Australia which will be a great addition to Kwik Kerb's range of product offerings.Check out the Lumicrete web site for more information. 

Kwik Kerb is No. 1 yesterday, today and tomorrow!


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