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Since 1987, Kwik Kerb has been assisting people just like you to successfully leave their current occupation and operate their own, very lucrative business! Kwik Kerb takes the risk out of making such a life changing move. The comprehensive curbing equipment package, and Kwik Kerb marketing supplies kit are combined with an extremely effective training program to start you on your way. On-going support is always there to make sure that no mistakes are made in the early stages of establishing your profit stream. Haven't you always wanted to own a business of your own, just like Kwik Kerb? You can't afford to wait any longer. Send for free information now! The Kwik Kerb operators mentioned below have all made the move and their success means that you can do it too!

Rewards for hard work are recognition. Success in the Kwik Kerb Business is not just a healthy bank balance. Operators are often recognized with the presentation of an award. Peter Liscombe of Kwik Kerb Edgemaster Inc. is seen here presenting Denise Kelly with an award for excellence in the operation of her Kwik Kerb Business.
"How many people can say they do what they like and they like what they do? My name is Denise Kelly and I live in a small town called Brantford, in Ontario Canada. Ever since Kwik Kerb training it has been smooth sailing. Yes, you do get a lot of support. Yes we are better than other curbers! No, I'm not just saying that because I'm part of the Kwik Kerb family. I can honestly say that I am a real success with minimal amount of trying. The gate of opportunity is open... Take a look!"
Denise Kelly

A very successful Kwik Kerb family from Utah USA. This Kwik Kerb operator used to have a career in banking. With the assistance of her sister and other family members, she has established a very successful Kwik Kerb business in Salt Lake City Utah, USA. "Though our first season was only about 7 months long, with the assistance of Kwik Kerb Head Office we promoted the product very well and managed to lay over 18,000 feet. Kwik Kerb even came to Salt Lake and helped us personally with our first Home and Garden Show. Though we have plenty of competition here, we have by far the best product in the market and our average price per foot is more than twice that of our nearest competitor. Kwik Kerb marketing really does work!"
Connie Bangerter

The smile of satisfaction and success. Why is this man smiling? He is the proud owner/operator of a Kwik Kerb business in Canada. With an excellent future and opportunity to succeed in a proven business, why wouldn't he be smiling? Dorian recently completed a curbing contract with Canadian Tire Store. Being a very large retail outlet, the curbing project was a large one. In fact this project was so large Dorian enlisted the help of two other local Kwik Kerb operators to complete the job. "I find the Kwik Kerb® Head Office staff very approachable, friendly and extremely helpful when I need advice. You can be sure of excellent support with Kwik Kerb."
Dorian Clark

This operator left his job to start his Kwik Kerb business in 1994. "After working at a brewery in Brisbane, Australia for years, I wanted something where I could be my own boss, in an industry I was comfortable with and doing work I could take pride in. Before I started, Kwik Kerb took the time to train me. Their aim is to teach you to do an expert job so you can be in the industry for the long term. They put on lots of Home Shows to advertise the product and they also come up with new products to offer my clients like 'Eurostyle' which is Kwik Kerb edging with a slate look finish and is very popular with my customers."
Keith Wood

Kwik Kerb is the answer for these people. How about you?

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