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Putting Greens for the home owner are a Kwik Kerb® specialty!

Many avid golfers love to practice their putting at home. With the installation of a putting green either indoors or out, this need can be met. Kwik Kerb® provides the perfect edging for such a project and makes the putting green installation much easier. Our thanks goes to the Toronto Kwik Kerb® operator who provided many of these photos.

Plain mowerstrip laid out for putting green.Finished putting green with mowerstrip borders.

Before and after shots of this masterpiece are an excellent example of how well Kwik Kerb® concrete edging works as the boundary for putting greens of any shape. What a great use for a small unused area of yard.

An excellent addition to any backyard. This one even has a sand bunker!

A couple of great examples easily created with the help of Kwik Kerb® continuous concrete edging around the perimeter. The putting surface can be installed by a professional or even the home-owner can accomplish the task without great difficulty. If you love golf, this is a must!

Attract attention at a show! Putting greens can also be installed temporarily at a show or other type of display. A school fete or a church fundraiser are ideal locations for such a temporary installation. This excellent example has been done with Kwik Kerb® EuroStyle® concrete edging.

Indoor putting greens too! Finished putting green with EuroStyle borders.

Maybe you have an indoor area which is not in current use? Make it into a putting green! It's easy to set up and putting is great fun for all ages. The installation can be made less permanent by installing the concrete curbing on carefully laid plastic sheeting. This makes it possible to change the design later or remove it altogether without making a mess.

Newly installed prior to landscping the perimeter. Great use of a small backyard area.
If you have an unused area in your backyard, this is a great way to finish it off and provide an excellent recreational facility for you to enjoy. These photos were taken during installation. The Kwik Kerb® landscape edging can be installed easily in one day and the putting green can be completed the next!
This is a project you can finish yourself once the Kwik Kerb is installed!


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