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Paved areas look so much better with Kwik Kerb®!

The addition of EuroStyle® concrete edging to paved areas always looks fabulous. The special Eurostyle® designs blend so well with the intricate patterns the pavers make. By using a suitable color, the concrete edging looks like it was meant to be there. The concrete edging also ensures that pavers never loosen along the edges as they are encapsulated in the concrete as it is laid. When planning a paved area in your garden, consider Kwik Kerb® as the final finishing touch!

Before being enhanced with EuroStyle edging. After being enhanced with EuroStyle edging.
These before and after photos show the dramatic effect that the addition of EuroStyle® has on a paved area. Notice the clean line that the concrete edging defines between the path and the garden area. No more pebbles on the path!

A justifiably proud Kwik Kerb operator with his work. It's hard to imagine paved areas without EuroStyle borders!.
The same EuroStyle® job is shown here in two different views. We thank Dorian Clark, (the Canadian Kwik Kerb® operator) for his excellent work and for supplying us with photos of his handiwork.

Another excellent example of Eurostyle nested beside pavers! EuroStyle® concrete edging has been used very effectively here to retain the pavers and enhance the overall look of the project. In this case the curbing has been set down level with the height of the paved surface.

During installation showing how the last row of pavers are cut to fit. This paver display being installed here, shows how the Kwik Kerb® is laid down perfectly straight and level prior to the installation of the pavers. The pavers are then cut to fit along the concrete border for a perfect finish.

This terracotta EuroStyle curb looks great beside pavers! EuroStyle® concrete edging has been used here as the boundary to a driveway constructed with pavers. There really isn't a better looking concrete edge in the world than EuroStyle®.

This grey EuroStyle is just waht is needed to edge a paved driveway. This before and after sequence demonstrates Kwik Kerb's® ability to finish off the edge of a paved area. The ability to color the EuroStyle® concrete edging, to simulate the surface over which it is laid makes it the home owners first choice.

Edging both sides of a path to retain pavers and give the path a finished look. The edges of this paved area look great with concrete borders.
These two examples show the simplicity of the plain concrete border edge when used to retain pavers. The installation of the pavers is very easy once the curbing has been installed, as the upper height for the paved area is pre-set by the concrete edging.

EuroStyle compliments the edge of this rustic path. This Kwik Kerb® edging was installed prior to the installation of used bricks as a paving material. The effect is an excellent rustic path which ourEuroStyle® concrete edging enhances.

Use Kwik Kerb® continuous concrete edging to retain your pavers and enhance the edge of pathways!


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