Kiwk Kerb is an international network of Kerbers.

Kwik Kerb Patents and Trademarks protecting you!

Our customers choose Kwik Kerb® as their supplier because they want a quality product. The Kwik Kerb trademark is registered worldwide to help protect our concrete curbing customers. Without such protection, some other supplier of an inferior edging product, could "pass off" their product as Kwik Kerb. Make sure that the operator you have chosen is a genuine Kwik Kerb operator, by requesting that he show you his letter giving him permission to use the Kwik Kerb name. Don't make a mistake that could leave you without the product you expected!

The Edgemaster® continuous concrete edging machine used by your Kwik Kerb operator is also patented. This machinery is easily discernible as genuine by the distinctive red color. Also the manufacturers name (Edgetec International) and patent details are on the side of the machine. When your Kwik Kerb edging is being installed by the award-winning Edgemaster machine you know that you are getting the best curbing money can buy.

Insist on Authentic Kwik Kerb and be proud of the result!


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