Kiwk Kerb is an international network of Kerbers.
The Kwik Kerb® process installs your concrete edging in one day.
Unlike many older edging methods, the Kwik Kerb® installation system allows the work done on your slate impression and stamped curbing to be completely finished in the one day. This means that your property is not a mess for days on end and you can enjoy your newly Kwik Kerbed landscape sooner. Many years ago the system required that the operator return to the job days later to finish and seal the work. Many other non Kwik Kerb® companies are still using this time consuming and costly process.

Job site in the morning. Job site in the afternoon.
These before and after photos show how Kwik Kerb® concrete edging changes your landscape in one day. Kwik Kerb® is fast and minimal disturbance is created in your garden beds and around your lawn. A same day sealer can be applied to the fresh concrete which helps to cure the Kwik Kerb® and protects your investment from the elements.

New planting beds in one day!This EuroStyle garden border was added in one day, creating new planter beds ready for use immediately. Note the lack of damage to the lawn area, as Kwik Kerb® is installed close to the sod. Any extra concrete along the front of the curb is cut away allowing the unrestricted use of edging implements to keep the grass tidy.

This is the mess left by a NON KWIK KERB operator THIS HOME OWNER DID NOT CHOOSE KWIK KERB®

This photo shows the sort of mess and ugly curbing which you could be left with when you use an installer other than Kwik Kerb®. Note how this other well known curbing company has left excess concrete everywhere. Don't be disappointed - Use Kwik Kerb® for your concrete edging installation.

Kwik Kerb helps you to achieve awards! THIS HOME OWNER DID CHOOSE KWIK KERB®

This customer chose Kwik Kerb® and was rewarded in their community with "Yard of the month"! With elegance and style, Kwik Kerb® enhances your property incredibly in just one day. Don't you want to be this proud of your property?

Kwik Kerb® is the No. 1 choice for concrete landscape edging worldwide!


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