Kiwk Kerb is an international network of Kerbers.

Integrated KerbLight gives a whole new look to your garden at night. (Approved for use only in USA and Canada at this time.)

This exciting addition to the Kwik Kerb range means that you can have permanent and safe illumination in your garden. KerbLight uses space-age materials with excellent resistance to weather and the elements. The KerbLight components have the highest rating available and are actually the same bulbs as used in aircraft. Using a low 24 volts, the lighting is safe. A very strong but tiny tube is imbedded right into the surface of the concrete landscape edging. This is connected underground by a pair of heavy duty wires to a transformer located in your garage or somewhere else out of the weather. You can install a timer so that the KerbLights switch on and off automatically. What a breathtaking site a garden is at night with KerbLight!

Be the first in your neighborhood with KerbLight. With the lights on, giving someone directions to your place won't ever be a problem in the future. The fantasy effect of KerbLight concrete curbing on a front garden is awesome.

KerbLight is unobtrusive but very elegant Kerblight doesn't detract from your concrete landscape edging in any way. In fact it really makes a "statement" at night as nobody can drive by without noticing your place. You won't have strangers accidentally tripping over your gardens either.

Sections of KerbLight can easily be replaced if the need arises. Short lengths of 4 feet or less can be removed from the concrete curb for replacement independently of the rest. This can be done by the home-owner or your local Kwik Kerb® operator if required. Many installations of this type of light have been in place without problem for five years!

Tree circles look fabulous at night with KerbLight. The KerbLight can fit to any shape that is created with the edging. Even tree circles as shown here are no problem for KerbLight.

KerbLight your front garden! Ask your local Kwik Kerb Operator if he can provide you with an estimate!

Kerb Lighting is warranteed by America's leading low-voltage lighting manufacturer.

Kerblight will make you property stand out in the community!


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