Kiwk Kerb is an international network of Kerbers.

Golf Courses worldwide use Kwik KerbŪ

For nearly two decades, golf courses have chosen Kwik KerbŪ as their choice of borders for cart paths, car parks and general landscape curbing for around the clubhouse and tees. Kwik KerbŪ is both versatile and economical with many profile shapes to suit every purpose. Kwik KerbŪ enhances the beauty of a course while providing a functional boundary to control wandering carts etc.

Border edge used as a cart path boundary.More Border edge along the cart path.

Kwik KerbŪ Border edge serves well as the boundary for cart paths on a golf course. With a 3 1/2 inch minimum depth, this concrete curb is super strong when set level with the ground, as these pictures show. The installed border edge makes trimming the grass to the edge of the cart path much easier also, reducing maintenance time.

Car Park curb as a cart path boundary.More Car Park curb along the cart path.

Kwik KerbŪ Car Park curb has been used along these asphalt cart paths on a golf course. The size of this concrete curb makes it very difficult for cart drivers to mount the curb.

EuroStyle used as a cart path boundary.More EuroStyle along the cart path.

For a more enhanced looking border for golf course cart paths, EuroStyle® concrete edging can be chosen. A large range of colors, patterns and styles are available to suit any course.

Use Kwik Kerb® for your Golf Course cart paths for a lasting job!.

Your Kwik KerbŪ concrete curbing will make your golf course stand out in the community!


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