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EuroStyle® - The original slate impression edging and still the best!

Though concrete edging has been laid in many shapes since the early seventies, nobody had put any effort into developing a concrete edging product with enhanced appearance. Kwik Kerb® developed the EuroStyle concept over a couple of years, with much research and a lot of help and feed-back from many Kwik Kerb® operators. We launched our new concept on the Gold Coast, Australia as a world first and the results have been over-whelming, as customers all over the world embraced our new product. Today the EuroStyle product is the benchmark for landscape edging world-wide and many others, (without the benefit of Kwik Kerb® training or methods,) are still trying to emulate our product's success. If you intend to enhance your gardens make sure that you choose the genuine Kwik Kerb® EuroStyle, the original and still the best!
What a fabulous product Eurostyle concrete edging is! Once you have it installed you'll wonder how you ever left your garden without it for so long. This example shows how beautiful Kwik Kerb® can make your garden beds. There's never been a finishing touch like it.
EuroStyle enhances the curb appeal of any home. This example shows exactly how great an effect EuroStyle Kwik Kerb® has on the "curb appeal" of your home. Even though these garden beds are newly planted, the concrete landscape edging makes the front yard look very established. The "salmon" color of the finished product is an excellent subtle contrast to the greens of the landscape.
This example of a slate-impression Eurostyle demonstrates the magical effect achieved by providing a defined edge to the garden bed. Because EuroStyle has a hand finished surface, incorporating years of practical development, the quality of the textured surface is unmatched in the curbing industry.
This garden has been edged with a coral colored EuroStyle and works beautifully with the rich-colored mulch in the garden bed. Colors like this are very popular as the slate-impressioned concrete edging takes on an appearance unlike that of concrete. Many home-owners choose EuroStyle because their choice of color and pattern remain a unique feature in their garden.
This is an excellent example of the prestigious appearance that Eurostyle landscape edging can lend to a home. The curbing can be colored to match aspects of your home as they did with this home.  EuroStyle enhances the curb appeal of any home.
Antique grey Eurostyle contrasts beautifully in this setting. This grey Eurostyle edge has a very nice contrast with the red decorative stone used in the garden as mulch. The concrete edging serves as a retention for the mulch and enhances the beauty of it with an antique grey color and style. Clearly defining the shape of the garden beds and enhancing the overall effect of an excellent landscape job.
If you have pathways in around your home, there is no better way to finish them off then to have them Kwik Kerbed. Your paths stay cleaner and the result looks just great. Have a look at some other path ideas on this page.
 With a little imagination, you can turn a plain garden layout into a master-piece. Kwik Kerb can be used in numerous ways only limited by one's creativity.
This shot was taken just days after the Kwik Kerb® operator had install the concrete edging. Notice how little disturbance there is of the existing plants and grass. With Kwik Kerb's one day service you can be assured of a huge "overnight" improvement to your garden beds.
EuroStyle closeup A closeup of a EuroStyle job shows the quality of this first class concrete edge. It's easy to see why this product is so sought after by home owners the world over.

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We love our EuroStyleŽ and we're sure that when your garden has the benefit of this product you'll love it to!.


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