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EuroBrick - Innovation from Kwik Kerb®  
Available in Australia, Canada and USA!

In keeping with Kwik Kerb® tradition we have recently released another fabulous new product - EuroBrick! As the true innovators in this industry, we have taken the EuroStyle® concept one step further with another "world first". Before release, this particular product was developed over a period of three years with the assistance of pioneering Kwik Kerb® operators in Australia and USA. The product has been thoroughly tested and has been released to Kwik Kerb® operators in North America. EuroBrick is soon to be released in Australia as well.  

I think that Kwik Kerb being around our house has really improved the look and that’s the bottom line that we wanted and we chose Kwik Kerb because we felt that they had the best product and the service was unbelievable.   My home looks 100% better.
      -Mike Skinner, NASCAR Race Driver
EuroBrick features the much sought after appearance of real brick, yet is actually machine laid concrete. Almost any color and texture can be created with this whole new process. As with all of Kwik Kerb products, the continuous concrete curbing provides an attractive and practical border useful in preventing erosion and controlling soil and mulch. 
A totally new style of edging to be available only from Kwik Kerb. EuroBrick emulates the appearance of bricks with mortar joints and can be created in a huge variety of colors and styles. This special look will be available as an option on all shapes of edging, so it can be applied to every Kwik Kerb®, profile whether it's garden mower strip, sloping border or the carpark curb.
EuroBrick runningbond is certainly the most innovative, brand new concept in decorative concrete edging. The appearance of bricks with mortar joints and can be created in a variety of patterns and styles. This special look will be available as an option on sloping border edging and provides a stunning and artistic border.
EuroBrick has a special style of it's own to make your garden stand out from the rest. A closer view of the new EuroBrick shows how it's style looks so natural in a garden setting. With a new, improved system of installation, Kwik Kerb® operators will be able to create the special look you want and EuroBrick can be installed in just one day.
EuroBrick is available in Australia, Canada and USA!  Ask your local Kwik Kerber for Authentic Kwik Kerb EuroBrick.


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