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Incredible possibilities with Kwik Kerb!

Kwik Kerb continuous concrete curbing can make a dramatic improvement to any area from a functional and aesthetic point of view. Just look at the remarkable difference that Kwik Kerb and a little creativity has done for this garden area.  Defined path edges, foliage control, and functional beauty are what Kwik Kerb is all about.  Just imagine what can be done at your property with Kwik Kerb!

Awesome driveway borders and concrete edging for paths.

Kwik Kerb operators have been enhancing driveways with concrete landscape edging for over 20+ years. All over the world, the same problems with driveways exist, where a proper definition of of the edge of the driveway is required. Kwik Kerb solves water run-off head aches and retains mulch where it belongs in the garden beds. The concrete landscape edging also really enhances the appearance of any concrete or gravel garden path.

Excellent use of EuroStyle sloping border on pathways.What a pretty effect Kwik Kerb has, when used effectively 
like this.

By edging the pathways in front of this home a very neat effect was attained by the home owner. This is an excellent example of how functional Kwik Kerb is in retaining the mulch as well as adding the final touch to an intricate layout.

A great looking driveway with EuroStyle edges. This gravel driveway now has a properly defined border with EuroStyle concrete edging along it's perimeter. This concrete curb also helps to retain the gravel in the driveway.

Edge your driveway like this to retain your decorative mulch. EuroStyle sloping border used here on the edge of a driveway keeps the mulch where it belongs. Using a contrasting color to the decorative rock really enhances the whole effect. Run-off from heavy rain no longer washes the gravel from the garden bed.

Only Edgemaster can go down stairs like this.Special projects require special people like Kwik Kerb!

When an obstacle like these stairs on a path are encountered, it poses no problem for an enterprising Kwik Kerb operator. What a great way to finish this job!

Perfect edge for an asphalt drive. In a trailer park the sloping border serves as the perfect edge to the asphalt driveways. The excellent smooth finish which is a trademark of Kwik Kerb's work can be seen on this example of plain concrete curb without color.

Edging on a sloping bank here keeps the drive clean. EuroStyle sloping border was used here on the edge of a driveway where the slope often used to wash soil and mulch onto the road. The concrete edging also helps maintain the edge of the asphalt from eroding over time.

What was an untidy area is now a masterpiece. This example shows exactly how great an effect EuroStyle concrete curbing has along a pathway. Without the landscape edging this air conditioner was an eyesore. With the EuroStyle curb in place it now looks "finished".

What a difference Kwik Kerb makes to this large driveway 
turn-around! When creating large driveways like this example, landscapers choose Kwik Kerb landscape edging because of its simple effectiveness. The driveway edge is clearly defined and the garden mulch is retained where it belongs. This example is now five years old and the curbing still looks as good as new!

Edging for long paths on sidewalks is a cinch. Plain concrete border edge has been used very effectively here to edge the paved path on a sidewalk. This is a simple installation and as the concrete curbing can be laid very straight and level, it provides the landscaper with a guide for the installation of pavers etc.

EuroStyle comes in any color to brighten up dull concrete paths! This excellent example of EuroStyle concrete edging along a pathway shows how functional it can be. The mulch from this garden bed was always finishing up on the path during rain. This installation of EuroStyle concrete curb overcame the problem.

A garden centerpiece is finished off with Kwik Kerb on this driveway. Finishing off a circular garden bed in the center of a turn-around is easy with Kwik Kerb concrete landscape edging. This concrete edging installation was the perfect finishing touch to a spacious driveway.

EuroStyle adds the final touch to any concrete path! A pathway with garden adjacent to it can never look this good without Kwik Kerb. By simply adding EuroStyle sloping border edge, this path and garden are now a feature. You choose the color and we'll create a masterpiece.

Imagine how Kwik Kerb would enhance your pathways and driveway entrance!


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