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Machine Laid Concrete Carpark by Kwik Kerb®

Different carpark styles have been installed by Kwik Kerb worldwide since 1987. The specific dimensions of these carpark curbs can be found at the shapes page. Architects and specifiers often include Kwik Kerb concrete carpark curbing in their carpark designs, based on these dimensions. A special concrete mix is used and in most cases the curb is extruded over rebar to ensure it remains where it is positioned. If required, a special compound is also applied to the concrete or asphalt surface, prior to the Kwik Kerb concrete carpark curb being placed. Our special system of installation has been tried and tested for many years, so you can be assured of a first class result!
This Video rental store has car park boundaries bordered with durable, but neat "layback" Kwik Kerb. The "Car park Curb" is the most popular of the many commercial "profiles" laid by Kwik Kerb operators. Every business place has a car park and Kwik Kerb is the answer to all these kerbing requirements.
Lay back carpark kerb in a parking lot.

This McDonald's restaurant had dramatically enhanced their business property with Kwik Kerb. The finished result is a functional yet attractivetidy boundary. Nice work, Todd!
Hi Border curb used in a small carpark area.
Hi-Border 'island' garden bed in carpark area.
These examples show how neat the Hi-Border profile is, when used as a boundary or island in a carpark. This concrete curb measures 7" across the base and 6" across the top and stands a minimum of 6" high. (Note the use of Kwik Kerb garden mowerstrip also in the background on the left.)
A Hi-Border curb was installed as a perimeter on this asphalt parking area. Kwik Kerb operators can install this type of curb at a far more economical price than alternatives available. Project managers also choose Kwik Kerb because of it's versatility. (Often times landscape curbing is installed at the same time.) A job which larger machines can't do.
Hi-Border installation and wheelblocks too!
Hi Border curb used in carpark installation.
Hi-Border 'traffic island' in carpark area.
Both these photos were taken just after installation of Hi-Border concrete curb was completed by the Kwik Kerb operator. Virtually any layout can be completed with the versatile Kwik Kerb system. (Note the cones in place to ensure traffic is directed elsewhere while the concrete is curing.)
"Lay-back" Carpark curbing has been used at this video store. Kwik Kerb is the most cost effective solution available on the market for the finishing of carpark borders. This installation includes pavers on the inside of the island curb sections. This adds to the strength and integrity of the job and is a commonly designed in feature of a carpark layout.
Lay-back Car Park curbing installation.
Close-up of Hi-Border installation.
This Hi-Border curb has been installed on an asphalt surface. Pins are driven down through the asphalt and left protruding approx 3 inches to lock the curb to the surface of the finished carpark. The Kwik Kerb concrete edging is then layed right over the top of these pins so they are hidden from view when the job is finished.
Here we see a carpark around a child care center where the operator has done an excellent job of installing EuroStyle sloping border curb as a concrete boundary. This provides a much more elegant solution in some situations than using the larger, more bulky car park profiles.
Eurostyle can be used for a carpark curb too!.
Use Kwik Kerb® for your next Car Park project. You'll be glad you did!


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