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LumiCrete™ - the amazing Glow in the Dark product now available for application to Kwik Kerb Curbing.

“Glow-in-the-dark” isn’t just for fun anymore. LumiCrete™ is the first ever luminescent product specifically designed for use on concrete surfaces. There are many serious applications for illuminating concrete surfaces, especially in areas without power, prone to extended power outages or in the case of poor visibility in a fire. Imagine a severe storm knocking out power for multiple nights and having exits, signs and roadways illuminated for your safety.

Extreme weather, homeland security and government mandated changes in public safety are just some of many rapidly growing and lucrative markets creating a strong demand for LumiCrete. When the power goes out during a storm or thick smoke from a fire, LumiCrete can provide the life saving light to provide a pathway to safety. Illuminated directions or arrows on the floors and stairwells could be the difference between incident and tragedy. Tests show LumiCrete’s unique properties make it more visible than regular lighting in the presence of thick smoke associated with a fire and remains visible through the night.

LumiCrete was developed to meet the ever increasing need to provide a significant light source without power while protecting the environment from volatile chemical compounds. LumiCote is a "Green Product". LumiCrete is a non-toxic, non-hazardous waterborne luminescence product with excellent flexibility and hardness that resists cracking or scratching. Blue and green are the current light colors emitted, but a wider range is under development. LumiCrete is designed to be applied by a spray gun, brush or roller for maximum versatility of applications.

A Solution For Everyone

LumiCrete can be applied in a range of ways such as spray, brush on, and rolled on making it an incredibly flexible solution to virtually any requirement.

This example of the application of LumiCrete to a hallway shows the effectiveness of the product.

Photoluminescent Coatings are not reflective coatings. They absorb light over a given period of time, store it, and then when the light source is extinguished they expel this light over an exponentially longer period of time. Typically known as "glow in the dark" these products have evolved over the past fifteen years , into the innovative product we have today.

LumiCrete is a breakthrough in photoluminescent technology and is the only product in the world to boast its performance results. Current offerings used across the globe on feature 5%-7% of LumiCrete's performance.

<-- Roll over image to see the room during a power failure.

Check out the LumiCrete® Web site.


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